About Us

Welcome to the Puffin Spot!

The Puffin Spot, named with love for the Atlantic Puffin, the official bird of Newfoundland & Labrador and my home province. “Puffin one” is also slang for lighting up one.

I’m knowledgeable and passionate about Cannabis and delighted it is legal in Canada.  I want to help you lean into our fantastic Canadian Cannabis Culture to shed some light on the ways you can safely consume it and help remove the stigma around its use.

With the service I provide, I promise you Respect, Integrity & Compassion for your needs. I can also promise you laughter!

My online store will help you learn more about cannabis dosing, tools of the culture and all the ways to use cannabis both recreationally & as a medicine, whether it be by smoking, vaping or eating cookies.

Are you ready?

For the love of Cannabis, let's get elevated!


The Atlantic Puffin